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The case. From the Netherlands, an european scam against companies in crisis due to covid-19

The investigation would bring to light a complex international scam implemented by the netherland company CAPITALI E IDEE BV.

The company owns the website.

The fake profile of Davide Koster

CAPITALI E IDEE BV would have created the “fake” figure of a C.O.O., named “Davide Koster”. This is just to coordinate scams against companies in crisis throughout Europe. A real person who would present himself under a false name.

Davide Koster, the fake C.O.O. of

Phase 1. The scam against companies in crisis.

Davide Koster, through a massive sending of emails, contacts companies in difficulty. For what? To acquire them through non-proprietary nominees and then empty them and lead them to bankruptcy. With the only advantage for the Dutch company CAPITALI E IDEE BV.
The scam would also have a second aspect, even worse.

Phase 2. The scam against the entrepreneur who sold the company in crisis.

The entrepreneur, after having sold the company in crisis to the Dutch company, remains in the hands of Davide Koster.

Why? Because CAPITALI E IDEE BV would set up a new company for him in Holland. Just to start the business again without debt.
Even here, however, the Dutch company would carry on the scam. Davide Koster would advise the entrepreneur to sign declarations of trust with false administrators. These would hire the real owner as a “fake employee” in order to have tax benefits. But that would only last until the new company hits its first big incomes. At this point the fake director would contest the agreement, since it had been perfected through a non-existent subject. After that he would fire the real owner and leave him without assets.

The scam against the BUNQ bank brand

To perpetrate these scams the group would boast important collaborations. Above all, the one boasted with the BUNQ bank stands out. To deceive customers, Koster even created a website. The website is now obscured given the ongoing investigations. By typing on google “capbunq” you can still find the fake logo created by the scammers. This is to testify to the fake partnership with the BUNQ bank. The loser in this case is the BUNQ bank.